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By Barrow's Banks, W O'Neill.jpg
Theme: Pride in place. Written by W. O'Neill, describing the Carlow scenery, particularly by the banks of the Barrow

Poem From the Hills, J.J. Townsend.jpg
Location: Carlow west
A fun poem about a quality ass from Seskinrae.

A River Song, W. O'Neill, Slieve Margy.jpg
Location; Carlow west
The poet's mind drifts from the beauty of the river, through some of its violent past, back to peaceful reverie again

At Sunset Hour p1, W. O'Neill.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow
The poets reflects on some of what the Barrow has witnessed over time and notes its permanence in a transient world.
William O'Neill was a native of Doonane, Laois, who worked as accountant for the 'Nationalist' before…

Bagenalstown, The Dream, L. Morrissey (2).jpg
Location: Carlow west and south
A reverie of west and south Carlow and some sporting heroes

By Barrow's Banks, W O'Neill.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow
The poet delights in being by the river.

Clear Winding Barrow, T.M. O'Donnell.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow valley
A short reflection of the Barrow and some major events, written by the 15 year old T. M. O'Donnell in 1833

Hills of Sweet Rossmore 1.jpg
Location: West Carlow, especially Killeshin and Rossmore
A fond review of Rossmore and its hinterland.

Hosey's Song, W. Bambrick.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Old Leighlin area
The poem remembers an incident involving a local 'character'

Knockbawn Road 1, T. Lynch.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Old Leighlin
The song recalls the hardship endured by those who worked on the construction of the road.
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