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Tom Kehoe, was born in a house that straddlesd the Carlow-Wicklow border. He became a member of Michael Collins' 'Squad' and was regarded as Collins' right-hand-man. A high-ranking officer of the Free State army, Tom was killed by a booby-trap mine…

Wexford Rebel.jpg
A local view of the heroic sacrifice made by a local hero in his struggle to help his people in 1798.

Location: Carlow Town
Kevin gleeson was one of the Irish UN peacekeepers killed in the Niemba ambush in 1960. His heroism and sacrifice, as well as that of his comrades, is celebrated in this poem

Bishop James doyle J.K.L. 1.jpg
Location: Carlow county
The poem is in praise of the great bishop known as JKL.

Tribute to Paaks Connolly, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: Carlow County and Clonmore area
Eddie pays tribute to a local football hero

The 'Blacks & Whites' Dressed in Glory, L. morrissey.jpg
Location: South Carlow
Here Luke lists the exploits of the individual heroes.
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