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Themes: Love, patriotism, hero. Ballad about Carlow town in which a woman's lover dies in the fight for Ireland's liberty. Written by S. McCarthy

Town, hero, love

Sung by Damien Brett
Love song, sung by Lisa Butler


Nano's Song, DB, Mary Butler.MP3
Dado’s**** Song ( Amhran Daideo)

Gasúin Óg* you melt my heart;
Torthaí glúine imithe, thart**;
Bring me joy and pride and hope;
Síol na nglúine le teacht fós***.

Cailín Óg, you light my life,
Beaming through the fog of…

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An Londubh is an Ceirseach, Lisa Butler.MP3
Theme: Love.

AN LONDUBH IS AN CHÉIRSEACH (scroll down for translation)
Tá an londubh is an chéirseach, is an fhuiseoigín le chéile,
Is an smóilín binn bréagach ina ndiaidh i ngach aird,
An chuach i measc an méid sin ag seinm dánta…

Grá faoi Bhláth - Áine Durkin - Lisa De Buitléar.mp3
Theme: Love across three generations. Written for the Pan Celtic competition by Aine Durkin and sung by Lisa Butler.

Grá Faoi Bhláth - Love Blossoms

Grá Faoi Bhláth

Nuair a chonaic mise thusa, scaipna scamaill romham …

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A Poem for the Lonely, P.J. Furey.jpg
Location: Carlow county
The poet adopts the persona of a Galwayman in exile, reflecting on his native place and, especially, his mother who waits in vain for his return home.

Carlow Maid 1.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A light-hearted love song

Carlow Town 2, Makem.WAV
Tommy Makem wrote this in the late 1960's; he used travel to Carpenter's bar in Carlow to help raise funds for the victims of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.
Thanks to the Makem Centre for accessing the melody

Eileen a Run.jpg
Location: South , especiall mount Leinster area.
One of the loveliest old Irish love songs, and from Carlow!
Many versions of the song have been written over the centuries; this is one of the loveliest .

Fate of Cahir Ruadh, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location: Blackstairs
The poem narrates the story of a highwayman's attempt to kidnap a girl, her rescue by her true love and the subsequent death of the highwayman after a pursuit by the people.
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