New Songs written to old Celtic Melodies

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New Songs written to old Celtic Melodies

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Long, long ago ancestral lore was passed on orally;
The spark to light the Cultural Fire was lit in family
And local neighbours and the clan, all warmed to that same Flame
And so all came to act the same, all Keepers of the Flame.
Ár gcultúr…

The song was passed from the Wexford singer, Paddy Berry, to Tony Malone

In winter dawn in years long gone
Our forefathers adored the sun,
Druids offered gifts to golden Fionn
So crops might grow and male babes come.

Then Patrick came and changed our ways;
Replaced the gods of older days.
He fanned a fire up high…

Christmas time is here, the turning of the year;
We celebrate with feasting and with hope for the new year,


And all enjoy the season, the turning of the year;
Each home is full of happiness and all are of good…

My friends spoke in the schoolyard
When we went out to play;
The story that I then heard
Soon filled me with dismay.

I wrote a note to Santa
And asked Him to explain.
The answer came back quickly
And calmed my troubled brain.