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Visit to the Singers Club 1, M. Byrne.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Mikey visited the Singers' Club in Carlow and wrote this afterwards

Fogarty's Threshing.jpg
Location: Carlow south
The great storyteller gives a fun recitation about an event from the county, giving a view of traditional work on the farm, as well as some of the mischief!

Barrow Swim B. Lawrence.jpg
Location: Carlow town
The writer records people and the event of a charity Christmas swim.

Coadjutor Bishop laurence<br />
Author: L. Morrissey
Location: Carlow county
Luke remembers a local, kindly bishop

Dick Jones (2).MP3
Location: Carlow north
A comic description of how a local man acquired a wife!

Eddie's Rambling House 1, J. Candy.jpg
Eddie McDonald of Clonmore is one of the key collectors of old Carlow pieces, as well as the host for one of the oldest Rambling House sessions.

Fate of Cahir Ruadh, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location: Blackstairs
The poem narrates the story of a highwayman's attempt to kidnap a girl, her rescue by her true love and the subsequent death of the highwayman after a pursuit by the people.

Follow Me Up To Carlow.mp3
Location: County, especially north-east
Really a Wicklow marching song, but generally attributed to Carlow, it is probably the tune most associated with the county.Anyway, Wicklow did not exist as a county at the time of Fiach Mac Hugh o'Byrne!!!

Hosey's Song, W. Bambrick.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Old Leighlin area
The poem remembers an incident involving a local 'character'
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