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At Sunset Hour p1, W. O'Neill.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow
The poets reflects on some of what the Barrow has witnessed over time and notes its permanence in a transient world.
William O'Neill was a native of Doonane, Laois, who worked as accountant for the 'Nationalist' before…

The Battle of Carlow, Bill Nolan.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Poem about the massacre of the rebels in 1798, in Carlow town; more than 600 bodies were buried in the Croppies' Grave in Graiguecullen.

Battle of Kilcumney 1.jpg
The song captures the violence and the heroism of a young woman during one of the battles of 1798

The Battle of Kilcumney  Teresa Malone.jpg
Location: South Carlow
The historian can give a macro description of what happened. This micro description of a 1798 local incident of bravery and defiance is remembered and saluted

The Battle of the Wheat 1.jpg
Location: County Carlow
The farmer was also a patriot, working hard to feed the people.

Bloody Sunday 1920.jpg
Location: County Carlow
Luke regisrters the disgust felt throughout the country at the killings by English troops in Croke Park on 'Bloody Sunday@.

Death of Fay.jpg
Location: Carlow south
An angry response to the brutal treatment given to a dying hero by the Black and Tans; reflects the anger and disgust with which the people viewed these 'soldiers'.

Fr. John Murphy, W. White.jpg
Location: east Carlow, especially Tullow area
A narrative about the motivation of Father John Murphy, hero of 1798, and his sad demise.

Follow Me Up To Carlow.mp3
Location: County, especially north-east
Really a Wicklow marching song, but generally attributed to Carlow, it is probably the tune most associated with the county.Anyway, Wicklow did not exist as a county at the time of Fiach Mac Hugh o'Byrne!!!

Carlow Town, S. McCarthy, Damien Brett.MP3
Location: Carlow town
Sean McCarthy (Shanagolden) wrote this after a sojourn in Carlow. It tells the sad love story of a widow with young son whose father died in the fight for freedom.
The second text is Sean's own telling of the context for his…
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