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Grá faoi Bhláth - Áine Durkin - Lisa De Buitléar.mp3
Theme: Love across three generations. Written for the Pan Celtic competition by Aine Durkin and sung by Lisa Butler.

Grá Faoi Bhláth - Love Blossoms

Grá Faoi Bhláth

Nuair a chonaic mise thusa, scaipna scamaill romham …

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You ask me why some people try to be better than the rest
When underneath the fancy clothes we’re all the same undressed;
Big house or farm or costly car, that’s what we call success:
True values lost, and at what cost, in the rat race of…

Kevin Barry 2, L. McGowan.jpg
Theme: Patriotism, hero, One of a number of songs and poems in honour of Kevin Barry. This version was written by L. McGowan while interned in 1921

Goodbye Ye Hills 1.jpg
Theme: Pride in place, recitation by M.C. Nolan

A Friend on High, M.C. nolan.jpg
Theme: Religious poem from the early 20th century, written by M.C.N., Michael Conlaith Nolan, of Borris.

Carlow Farmers' Ball 1, J. Hayden.jpg
Theme: Fun, with a glimpse of life in the past. Song for fun written by John Hayden telling of the Carlow Farmer's Ball.

Air: MacNamara's Ball

By Barrow's Banks, W O'Neill.jpg
Theme: Pride in place. Written by W. O'Neill, describing the Carlow scenery, particularly by the banks of the Barrow

Myshall Croppy Boy.jpg
Location: Carlow south
A famous traditional hero-song written about the 1798 Rebellion. Cornwall was a magistrate based in Myshall.
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