Miley Carroll
Author: M.C. Nolan

Dublin Core


Miley Carroll
Author: M.C. Nolan


Theme: Patriotic hero
Location: South Carlow, Borris
Miley Carroll was a victim of Ireland's civil War; he rests in Rathanna.


Lonely and cold in Rathanna there lies
In that old-fashioned churchyard a grave
And ‘neath the sod so deep, taking his last, long sleep
Lies a patriot lonely and brave.
For he died for his land, with his rifle in hand
And his face turned onto his foe
Miley Carroll is his name, from Killedmond he came
In the ever-fair County Carlow.

On a cold winter day in a spot not far away
From his own loved Killedmond he died.
His life he could save only he was too brave
For to flee from a wounded pal’s side.
But he valiantly stood in that loved comrade’s blood
And his rifle spoke clear to the foe.
Undaunted, unafraid, fearless, undismayed,
Till a cowardly shot laid him low.

Oh God in Heaven above bring his true soul to rest
In the glory and light of Thy home
May his name live in fame and his memory be blessed
On down through the long years to come.
Oh Erin, Mo Chroi, ‘tis such men as he
Who brings light to thy watch-fire’s bright glow
And many still there be who would die to set you free
In the ever fair County Carlow.


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