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Guidelines for using the site

These guidelines may be useful when browsing this site. Please remember the site, while online, is a work in progress and further material will be added and editing is ongoing: be patient! If you notice any errors, please contact us for correction.


The site is for educational, pleasure and archiving purposes; it is not for profit. The points below may be useful:

• Where a text icon appears you may need to click and click again to view it fullscreen.

• The definite articles ‘The’ and ‘A’ have been omitted from many titles in order to facilitate indexing and navigation of the contents.

• In many cases the original copy of the text has been maintained, sometimes in handwritten form. While this may make reading more difficult, it maintains the authenticity of the original source material.

• Searching for specific localities in County Carlow or specific themes is facilitated by using the TAGS associated with each text.

• Where voice recordings are included, they are copied mostly from live sessions, using old and small recording equipment. The quality may not be superb, but the authenticity is! If you have any material that will enhance the quantity and quality of the archive, please contact us to have it recorded and archived on the site.