In Winter Dawn
Author: Dave Barron
Singer: Dave Barron

Dublin Core


In Winter Dawn
Author: Dave Barron
Singer: Dave Barron


The words try to give a modern purpose to the beautiful old air of the Wexford (Enniscorthy) carol. We have turned a deeply spiritual and ancient experience of mid-winter rebirth and renewal into a commercial and selfish practice. We need to reflect and renew our spiritual focus, respect God and Creation, and respect our neighbours all over the world: that is Christ’s the WAY, LOGOS, and the WORD of the LORD.


In winter dawn in years long gone
Our forefathers adored the sun,
Druids offered gifts to golden Fionn
So crops might grow and male babes come.

Then Patrick came and changed our ways;
Replaced the gods of older days.
He fanned a fire up high on Slane
That showed, for evermore, the Way.

Come to us Lord, this holy night,
And help us all to see the Light,
To find a right and simple life
Free from stress, and strain, and strife.

And ever since on Christmas night
We celebrate that dawn of Light
When God, to guide to what is right,
Sent us His Son, the infant Christ.


But now once more we need God’s help
To save us from the gods of wealth.
We feast and spend to great excess,
Neglecting our poor spirit’s health.


So every year at Christmas time
Let’s celebrate with Bread and Wine
To keep God’s Word all white and bright,
And light the darkness of our night.



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