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Graves of the Brother Martyrs.jpg
Location: Carlow south
The poem remembers the killing of two brothers by the Black and tans, in the War of independence

Poem of the Passion 1, M.C. Nolan.jpg
Location: Carlow South
The poem is indicative of the strong faith that people held in the past

Sweet County Carlow, M.C. Nolan.jpg
Location: South Carlow
MCN fondly remembers the place of his birth and childhood.

Mountain of Beauty 1 MCN.jpg
Location: South Carlow
A reverie about an early love in a lovely setting

Miley Carroll, MCN.jpg

Lonely and cold in Rathanna there lies
In that old-fashioned churchyard a grave
And ‘neath the sod so deep, taking his last, long sleep
Lies a patriot lonely and brave.
For he died for his land, with his rifle in hand
And his face turned…

Martyrdom of Kevin Barry, MCN, Paddy Lawless (2).MP3
Location: All county, especially north-east and Borris area.
MCN reflects admiration for a hero-martyr as well as anger at the treatment meted out to Kevin Barry just before his execution. Being from the south of the county, this shows the…

In Thee My Lord, M.C. Nolan.jpg
Location: Borris area.
MCN was from the Borris area. The poem is a simple prayer of trust in God.

Death of Fay.jpg
Location: Carlow south
An angry response to the brutal treatment given to a dying hero by the Black and Tans; reflects the anger and disgust with which the people viewed these 'soldiers'.

A Friend on High, M.C. nolan.jpg
Theme: Religious poem from the early 20th century, written by M.C.N., Michael Conlaith Nolan, of Borris.

Goodbye Ye Hills 1.jpg
Theme: Pride in place, recitation by M.C. Nolan
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