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Father Cullen PP.jpg
Eulogy for Fr. Cullen, PP of Tinryland who died in 1913. The poem captures the thoughts and feelings of the priest's parishioners.

Bishop James doyle J.K.L. 1.jpg
Location: Carlow county
The poem is in praise of the great bishop known as JKL.

River Song 1.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Barrow Valley
The poet's mind drifts along with the river.

By Barrow's Banks, W O'Neill.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow
The poet delights in being by the river.

At Sunset Hour p1, W. O'Neill.jpg
Location: Carlow west, Barrow
The poets reflects on some of what the Barrow has witnessed over time and notes its permanence in a transient world.
William O'Neill was a native of Doonane, Laois, who worked as accountant for the 'Nationalist' before…

A River Song, W. O'Neill, Slieve Margy.jpg
Location; Carlow west
The poet's mind drifts from the beauty of the river, through some of its violent past, back to peaceful reverie again

By Barrow's Banks, W O'Neill.jpg
Theme: Pride in place. Written by W. O'Neill, describing the Carlow scenery, particularly by the banks of the Barrow
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