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There are many songs and recitations written about Carlow and its hinterland; many streams of poetry, song and story flow into the Carlow oral tradition, hence the title “FromCarlow Streams’ (Ó Sruthanna Ceatharlach) for this new website. Many local writers and composers feed into the cultural streams.

The purpose of the project, 'From Carlow Streams’, and the website is to collect, archive and connect the various collections on a dedicated and accessible website so anyone, anywhere in the world, can access this collection of the living, cultural tradition, an cultúr beo. Many pieces from that tradition have been lost but many survive, collected by various individuals around the area. This initiative is now attempting to collect and record this living culture into one, central site.

The website will record the texts and, where possible, the melody for the songs; also, where possible, the song will be recorded and a link to the recording will be available on the site. As well as the songs, recitations and poems about and by Carlow people will also be included. Where possible, the context for the piece will be included.

The site is in four sections:

- Traditional songs, poems and stories;
- New songs written to old Celtic melodies,
- Amhráin as Gaeilge;
- New songs with new airs, written in a traditional manner; new stories.

The site also seeks to identify the local geographical areas from which the pieces derive, where this is possible.

In general, the songs and recitations are based around certain common themes such as:

- Love (or want of it),
- Native place (praise or lament for emigration),
- Heroes, warriors, patriots, sporting,
- Events, historical, cultural,
- Personalities, from all areas of life,
- Religious, spiritual,
- Fun, some ribald, some verging on satire.

Where known, authors are accredited and collectors are listed and acknowledged. The work is ongoing and will be added to as more pieces come to hand. Thanks to Carlow Tourism and Creative Ireland Carlow for their support in launching this project.
Anois, bain taitneamh as an suíomh seo, Ó Sruthanna Ceatharlach, From Carlow Streams.

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Recently Added Items

Jim Nolan Author: John Candy Performed by John Candy

The roll is called, Big Jim is gone, his voice we’ll hear no more,
But his name is etched forever on the pages of folklore.
For those who knew…