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The roll is called, Big Jim is gone, his voice we’ll hear no more,
But his name is etched forever on the pages of folklore.
For those who knew this gentle giant, he was an easy friend to love
And on Good Friday evening Jim was called to Heaven…

Two Will Do.MP3
Twas a Saturday in October in 1983
Just another Saturday or so it seemed to be;
But that day has made history which was very sad:
It was the day that Mickey Rice blew in the plastic bag.

It was down in Ballinabranna that we all worked hard all…

Dave (Blue) Kinsella rembers and records the shock, sorrow and anger when the Sugar Factory was closed, bringing to an end the local industry that provided work for generations of Carlovians in farming, transporting and manufacturing the sugar.

Christmas Wishes

May the peace of ten thousand Christmases
Be with you this crazy year
With a season free from worry
And a mind that holds no fear.
May you follow every dream
And never need a star,
May the lights dispel the darkness,

Among the rocks near "Miley's"
We had our own "Wild West"
Tom Mix, Roy Rogers And Hop Along,
Were the heroes we love best.
With wooden guns and steady aim,
We hardly ever missed,
As we shot down all the outlaws,
Upon the " Wanted List".


The Keepers of the Flame.MP3
Long, long ago ancestral lore was passed on orally;
The spark to light the Cultural Fire was lit in family
And local neighbours and the clan, all warmed to that same Flame
And so all came to act the same, all Keepers of the Flame.
Ár gcultúr…

A morning fair, o’erarched with skies of May,
Broke over files of men in stern array-
By wrongs made reckless – to avenge the flood –
The seething torrent of their tears and blood
By England’s hell-hounds shed. The sunbeams fell

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