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New Songs with New Airs

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Twas a Saturday in October in 1983
Just another Saturday or so it seemed to be;
But that day has made history which was very sad:
It was the day that Mickey Rice blew in the plastic bag.

It was down in Ballinabranna that we all worked hard all…

In that chilling trial court hall,
We heard the victim called,
Filled with fear of what he’d say,
Cause he failed to pay his way,
Will his home not be his own?
Seems like eviction the following day.

In his second court recall,
His hopes…

Welcome Home<br />
Author: M. Rice
Mickey voices the nostalgia of the emigrant who dreams of returning home to the native place and to friends.

Emigrant&#039;s Story<br />
Author: Paul Kealy (lyrics) and Ciaran Brennan<br />
Singer: Ciaran Brennan
Paul and Ciaran co-wrote this song, which is sung here by Ciaran. Thanks to Ciaran for sharing the song with us.

Wind of Glory<br />
Author: Paul Kealy<br />
Singer: Celine Byrne
Carlovian Paul was tasked with writing an anthem for the 50th Irish Derby; this is the result! Paul composed the lyrics, Lt Mark Armstrong the music and the anthem was performed by Celine Byrne, backed by the Millicent Singers and the No.1 Army Band.…

Two Will Do<br />
Author: Michael Rice<br />
Singer: Michael Rice
Mickey gives an account of his encounter with the law after a long session in various hostelries, together with sound advice as a result of the experience!

‘Twas a Saturday in October in 1983
Just another Saturday or so it seemed to be;