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The roll is called, Big Jim is gone, his voice we’ll hear no more,
But his name is etched forever on the pages of folklore.
For those who knew this gentle giant, he was an easy friend to love
And on Good Friday evening Jim was called to Heaven…

The Keepers of the Flame.MP3
Long, long ago ancestral lore was passed on orally;
The spark to light the Cultural Fire was lit in family
And local neighbours and the clan, all warmed to that same Flame
And so all came to act the same, all Keepers of the Flame.
Ár gcultúr…

Two Will do, Mickey Rice.MP3
Mickey gives an account of his encounter with the law after a long session in various hostelries, together with sound advice as a result of the experience!

‘Twas a Saturday in October in 1983
Just another Saturday or so it seemed to be;

Graiguenaspidogue Ball.jpg
The poem describes the characters and goings-on at a local ball.
From the Seamus Murphy collection.

Tribute to Jim Nolan, M. Byrne.jpg
Location: Carlow south
Mikey, a famous character in his own right, pays tribute to his friend and famous character, Jim Nolan

Tribute to Jim Nolan, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow south
John pays tribute to the famous storyteller, Jim Nolan

Tribute to Con Greany 1, T. Malone.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Tony remembers the visit to the Carlow Singers' club of the great Con Greaney

Threshing Dance in Doyle's of Raheendenore 2, L. MNorrissey.jpg
Location: Carlow west
The events and characters at a house dance, after the threshing

Won't Budge.jpg
Location: Carlow West
Tommy narrates the escapades of a greyhound; unfortunately, the conclusion of the poem is missing!

Tribute to Margaret Shannon.jpg
Location: Carlow East
John pays tribute to a local, well respected lady
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