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Old Pedar Carthy From Clonmore, Rathangan Choir.MP3
Location: Carlow North
A description of a local character and his doings!

Nelly Breen, Martin Byrne.MP3
Location: Carlow north
A nice love song set in a local place and with local characters

O Great Saint Lazerian.MP3
Location: Carlow West, especially Old Leighlin
A hymn in praise of one of the great local saints.
The recording was made at Easter 2019, sung by the choir of St. Lazerian's cathedral at the annual celebration of the saint's feastday.
Verses 3 and…

Ridge and Coolcullen Brigade.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Rossmore
This narrates the adventure of a group of local men who faced severe weather to bring provisions home.

Memories of Haddens, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow town
John remembers working in Haddens' of Carlow, and some of the people he met there.

McArdle's Dog.jpg
Location: North-east Carlow
A fun description of the theft of a dog and the consequent actions of some local characters.

Mark Gorman's Wedding, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location, North-east Carlow
A fun account of a local event when two local characters got married.

Lament For Father Mullen 1790 - 1818, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: North-east, Clonmore
Eddie remembers the good acts of a holy man, still respected years after his death.

Lament For A Blacksmith, M. Dowling.jpg
Location: North-east, Clonmore
Memories of a local man and his life.

Jim Nolan of Ballinrush 1.jpg
Location: South Carlow, especially the Mount Leinster area.
Eddie wrote this as a mark of respect for his good friend Jim Nolan, the well-known storyteller from Ballinrush, Myshall.
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