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Charming County Carlow, P.J. Furey.jpg
A newspaper clipping featuring a song about County Carlow by one P.J. Furey, in which he takes a tour around the county

Coadjutor Bishop laurence<br />
Author: L. Morrissey
Location: Carlow county
Luke remembers a local, kindly bishop

County of Carlow 1, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow county
John takes a ramble through many Carlow localities.

Dreaming of Carlow, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow north
John adopts the persona of a sad and lonely emigrant as he wistfully remembers his native place at Christmas.

Doolin Drowning.jpg
The recitation recounts the awful and traumatic events when four local youths, John Murphy, and brothers James, John and Eddie Doran, along with four other youths, were drowned in Doolin Bay They were attending the Lisdoonvarna Festival on july 31st…

Emigrant's Story.jpg
Paul and Ciaran co-wrote this song, which is sung here by Ciaran. Thanks to Ciaran for sharing the song with us.

Glorious county Carlow.MP3
You’ve heard of the Garden of Ireland and the Rose of Mooncoin so fair,
The Killeshin hills are beautiful still and the wonderful Plains of Kildare.
But somewhere between there’s a treasure unseen, it’s a place that I think you should…

Hurling at Moghurry 1.jpg
An account, somewhat gloating, of a Wexford victory over a Carlow team in a game of hurling played in 1760!
From a book owned by Michael Morrissey, nephew of Luke Morrissey, titled 'In Praise of Heroes'.

Kevin Barry, M.C.N.jpg
Location: All county, especially north-east and Borris area.
MCN reflects admiration for a hero-martyr as well as anger at the treatment meted out to Kevin Barry just before his execution. Being from the south of the county, this shows the…
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