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Welcome Home 1, M. Rice.jpg
Mickey voices the nostalgia of the emigrant who dreams of returning home to the native place and to friends.

Emigrant's Story.jpg
Paul and Ciaran co-wrote this song, which is sung here by Ciaran. Thanks to Ciaran for sharing the song with us.

My Ballinabranna Home 1.jpg
Theme: Pride in Place

The Home I Left Behind p1.jpg
Mickey writes of an emigrant's sorrow at leaving his native place, his family and his loved one.

May Morning on a Hill.jpg
The poet describes the beauties of May Morning at Ballyduff Rath.

Dawning of the Day.jpg
The poet, from Graiguenamanagh, sings the praises of his native place

Song of Graiguenamanagh.jpg
The song is in praise of the Graiguenamanagh and Tinnahinch area along the Barrow.

Barrow and Nore.jpg
The poem sings the history and praises the beauty of the valleys of Barrow and Nore.

Sprig of Heather.jpg
Jeremiah Joseph Callanan was employed for a time as a teacher in the classical Day and Boarding School of G.A. Lynch at Everton House, Graiguecullen. The poem lauds the resilience of the simple heather plant and praises the beauty of the locality.
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