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The Seasons of Our Years 2, Mick O'Connor.MP3

Do you remember, darling, the springtime of our years,
The passion, the tensions, the laughter, and some fears?
We planted love together and tended it with care
And we faced into our seasons, uncertain what lay…

Notes for Mother.tif

The bright wind of Springtime brings you to my mind,

Filled with fine promise, all gentle and kind;

Fountain of hope and my bright, guiding star,

Still guiding my life choice from Heaven afar.

The soft breeze of Summer…

Notes for LIFE.tif

Farewell to the days of our youth, now long gone bye,

The red sap that pulsed through young limbs now sere and dry;

The hot pulse that throbbed in wild heart and fiery limbs,

Now chilled and faded in time as memory dims.…

Heartache of the Exile.jpg
Location: Carlow county, Carlow west
The poem tells of the sadness of the exile

Wealth and Happiness 1, M.C.Nolan.jpg
Location: Carlow south
MCN explores what might lead to true happiness

Thousand Leagues From Carlow Town 2.jpg
Location: Carlow town
A poem about an emigrant girl, fallen on hard times in New York

The Carlow Dolmen, B. Harding - Copy.jpg
Location: Carlow county
Brendan reflects on the mysterious history of the Dolmen, and its affect on him.

Poem of the Passion 1, M.C. Nolan.jpg
Location: Carlow South
The poem is indicative of the strong faith that people held in the past
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