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The Blooming Flower of Grange.MP3

Irish Liberty A.jpg
Irish Liberty
Ye friends of Irish Liberty and sons of Granuaile
Be not afraid of England’s bull, his horns, his head or tail;
He’s but a shadow on the grass reflected from a tree,
So break the branches bare, brave boys, and plant the…

Michael Donohue.MP3
Michael Donoghue

Michael Donoghue, I really do love you;
Although you’re in the Duffery to you I will be true.
And Michael Donoghue I’ll Tell you what I’ll do:
Just stop pretending you’re a guard and I will marry you.

Now I…

Graiguenaspidogue Ball.jpg
The poem describes the characters and goings-on at a local ball.
From the Seamus Murphy collection.

O'Gorman Men.jpg
Location: Carlow east
An account of an early county final, which was followed by further action among some of the supporters!

Thomas Traynor KCLR.mp3
Location: Carlow County, especially Tullow
Thomas Traynor, from Tullow, was executed because of his involvement in the 1916 rebellion. Together with Kevin Barry and eight others he was initially buried in an unmarked grave in Mountjoy.

Where The Deereen Waters Flow, Martin Byrne.MP3
Location: Carlow East
Pat adopts the persona of the emigrant, nostalgic for the places where he grew.
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