Author: Dave Barron
Air: Siun Ui Dhuibhir

Dublin Core


Author: Dave Barron
Air: Siun Ui Dhuibhir


Theme: Transience of Life's joys, sadnesses and potential.The old song Siun Uio Dhuibhir tells the story of missed opportunity for love. Life passes so quick-ly. Some see it as a few brief moments of joy in a sea of sadness; others see it as a sad time lead-ing to hope for happiness in a distant new life. Whatever the belief, we should seek to make the most of each phase of our life, to seek fulfilment of the innate potential within us.



Farewell to the days of our youth, now long gone bye,

The red sap that pulsed through young limbs now sere and dry;

The hot pulse that throbbed in wild heart and fiery limbs,

Now chilled and faded in time as memory dims.

Lonely and sad are the parents when young must depart,

Leaving the family home and the warmth of the hearth;

Memories of moments, days full of joy and sun;

The brighter the memories, the darker the sorrows run.

Deep is the grief and sorrow when old friends must part,

A dark pall of gloom to pummel and bruise the heart;

The pain and the darkness strangle the joy of life;

Dismal and drear is the feeling, both day and night.

Sad is the heart when lovers must say goodbye;

The wild passion and zest of fresh love long gone bye;

The laughter and glow now lost in a sea of tears;

Lovers no more, just companions in their last years.

So sadness and joy are parts of our human life;

The higher the joy the deeper our grief will lie;

To each phase of life one question remains the key:

Am I content, or, Am I all I might be?



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