Author: Dave Barron

Air: May Morning Dew

Dublin Core


Author: Dave Barron

Air: May Morning Dew


May Morning Dew is a love song: what greater love is there than that between a mother and child? It is not the same as love for a partner, child, grandchild, father or friend. It is unique in its depth and gentleness and is often, sadly, only fully appreciated when the mother has passed away.



The bright wind of Springtime brings you to my mind,

Filled with fine promise, all gentle and kind;

Fountain of hope and my bright, guiding star,

Still guiding my life choice from Heaven afar.

The soft breeze of Summer recalls you and me

Enjoying the garden in the shade of the trees;

My love for you deepens with each passing breeze.

When I think how you loved me my heart melts in tears.

The chill wind of Autumn means harvest is here,

Storing the fresh fruits and the yields of the year.

Your harvest of wisdom, gleaned through your years,

Shared freely and wisely throughout all our years.

The wild wínds of Winter bring warm thoughts of you;

Through the wild storms of life your guidance was true;

Your warm hearth was cosy, where love warmed the air,

Just like your own heart and the peace that lay there.

All winds and all seasons keep you in my mind,

Your wisdom and guidance, so gentle and kind.

Your caring and sharing made our house a home.

Your peace is all gone now, Mother, mo bhrón.



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