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Location: County Carlow


Óro, Ár gcultúr gleoite, (our beautiful culture)

Óro, our culture’s growing,

Óro, ár gcultúr beomhar, (our living culture)

Alive and beo in Carlow. (well)

They tried to take our…

Carlow Farmers' Ball 1, J. Hayden.jpg
Theme: Fun, with a glimpse of life in the past. Song for fun written by John Hayden telling of the Carlow Farmer's Ball.

Air: MacNamara's Ball

The Rambling House, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow north
Recitation about the Rambling Houses tradition.

County of Carlow, J. Candy.jpg
Location: County Carlow
A ramble through some of the notable places in County Carlow

Charming County Carlow, P.J. Furey.jpg
A newspaper clipping featuring a song about County Carlow by one P.J. Furey, in which he takes a tour around the county

A Poem for the Lonely, P.J. Furey.jpg
Location: Carlow county
The poet adopts the persona of a Galwayman in exile, reflecting on his native place and, especially, his mother who waits in vain for his return home.

Carlow Farmers' Ball.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A jocose account of a local event

Carlow Maid 1.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A light-hearted love song

Carlow Rugby Anthem.jpg
Location: Carlow county
Danny's tribute to one of the title=winning Co. Carlow rugby teams

Carlow Small But Beautiful.jpg
Location: Carlow county
Another song lauding Carlow's scenery and sporting heroes.
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