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Carlovian Paul was tasked with writing an anthem for the 50th Irish Derby; this is the result! Paul composed the lyrics, Lt Mark Armstrong the music and the anthem was performed by Celine Byrne, backed by the Millicent Singers and the No.1 Army Band.…

Hurling at Moghurry 1.jpg
An account, somewhat gloating, of a Wexford victory over a Carlow team in a game of hurling played in 1760!
From a book owned by Michael Morrissey, nephew of Luke Morrissey, titled 'In Praise of Heroes'.

The Carlow Fifteen, Tommy O'Connor.MP3
Location: Carlow county
Praise for the hope the heroes of 1944 brought to Carlow in that glorious era
The two texts show how songs were added to or amended slightly, part of the oral tradition.

The Kingdom's Crown.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A cal to battle to take the All-Ireland crown from the Kingdom

O'Gorman Men.jpg
Location: Carlow east
An account of an early county final, which was followed by further action among some of the supporters!

Glory Comes at Last.jpg
Location: Carlow south
Luke wrote this to celebrate the Rangers hurling success in 2006

Tribute to Paaks Connolly, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: Carlow County and Clonmore area
Eddie pays tribute to a local football hero
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