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The Carlow Fifteen, Tommy O'Connor.MP3
Location: Carlow county
Praise for the hope the heroes of 1944 brought to Carlow in that glorious era
The two texts show how songs were added to or amended slightly, part of the oral tradition.

Bobby Miller's Great Fifteen.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Tribute to the great Eire Og team of the early 1990s

Lovely County Carlow 1.jpg
Location: County Carlow
The poem takes us for a ramble through County Carlow places of beauty and leisure.

A Poem for the Lonely, P.J. Furey.jpg
Location: Carlow county
The poet adopts the persona of a Galwayman in exile, reflecting on his native place and, especially, his mother who waits in vain for his return home.

Charming County Carlow, P.J. Furey.jpg
A newspaper clipping featuring a song about County Carlow by one P.J. Furey, in which he takes a tour around the county
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