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Mountainy Farmer, T. Lynch.jpg
A picture of the harsh life of a mountain farmer

The Carlow Fifteen, Tommy O'Connor.MP3
Location: Carlow county
Praise for the hope the heroes of 1944 brought to Carlow in that glorious era
The two texts show how songs were added to or amended slightly, part of the oral tradition.

The Kingdom's Crown.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A cal to battle to take the All-Ireland crown from the Kingdom

Won't Budge.jpg
Location: Carlow West
Tommy narrates the escapades of a greyhound; unfortunately, the conclusion of the poem is missing!

Road to Sweet Athy 1.jpg
Location: County Carlow
Tommy marks the excitement of the great era of Carlow football in the 1940s.

My Half Ounce of Tay, T. Lynch.jpg
Location: County Carlow
Tommy gives flesh to the old Irish adage: 'Marbh le tae, agus marbh gan tae'.

Knockbawn Road 1, T. Lynch.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Old Leighlin
The song recalls the hardship endured by those who worked on the construction of the road.

Carlow v Kerry 1944, T. Lynch.jpg
Location: Carlow county
Another song about the great football team of 1944
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