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Michael Donohue.MP3
Michael Donoghue

Michael Donoghue, I really do love you;
Although you’re in the Duffery to you I will be true.
And Michael Donoghue I’ll Tell you what I’ll do:
Just stop pretending you’re a guard and I will marry you.

Now I…

Two Will Do p1.jpg
Mickey gives an account of his encounter with the law after a long session in various hostelries, together with sound advice as a result of the experience!

Threshing Dance in Doyle's of Raheendenore 2, L. MNorrissey.jpg
Location: Carlow west
The events and characters at a house dance, after the threshing

Threee Little Fishermen.jpg
Location: Carlow west, River Barrow
A fun poem about fishermen, their tales and dreams.

Won't Budge.jpg
Location: Carlow West
Tommy narrates the escapades of a greyhound; unfortunately, the conclusion of the poem is missing!

The Carlow Blues.jpg
Location: Carlow town
O'Hanrahan's, often known as 'The Blues', is based in Carlow Town and have a long history of good football teams. This text is a jocose 'dig' at a robust style of play!

The Beet Song 1, E. Power.jpg
Location: South Carlow
Working the beet was hard work. Here Eddie power gives the complaints from a series of 'whingers'!

Sign of the Crow 1.jpg
This old piece gives warning to young men who might fance a frolic in a certain house under 'The Sigh of the Crow'!

Ship Carpenter's Wife p1.jpg
Recorded in Carlow
This old piece tells how a ship's carpenter resolved his marital difficulties, apparently with mutual consent!

Roving Journeyman 1.jpg
Location: Carlow County
The story of a young 'buck' who has a rakish attitude towards the girls and their interest in him.
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