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Village of Clonmore 2, J. Candy.jpg
Location: North Carlow, Clonmore
John remembers the place of his youth and its history

The Rambling House, J. Candy.jpg
Location: Carlow north
Recitation about the Rambling Houses tradition.

County of Carlow, J. Candy.jpg
Location: County Carlow
A ramble through some of the notable places in County Carlow

Fogarty's Threshing.jpg
Location: Carlow south
The great storyteller gives a fun recitation about an event from the county, giving a view of traditional work on the farm, as well as some of the mischief!

Boys of Rathnagry, W. Byrne.jpg
Theme: Local Event
Retrospective song about the burning of the bogs of Rathnagry by the men of Carlow.

Far Away in Old Bunclody.jpg
Song about Bunclody as sung by Les Carty
Theme: Pride in Place

Charming County Carlow, P.J. Furey.jpg
A newspaper clipping featuring a song about County Carlow by one P.J. Furey, in which he takes a tour around the county

Poem From the Hills, J.J. Townsend.jpg
Location: Carlow west
A fun poem about a quality ass from Seskinrae.

Dance at Marley 1.jpg
Location: Carlow east
A record of an important local event and a view of a way of life

Blooming flower of Grange.jpg
Location: Carlow east
A song about finding love in a lovely setting
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