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Moo Behind the Hill 4.png

Father Cullen PP.jpg
Eulogy for Fr. Cullen, PP of Tinryland who died in 1913. The poem captures the thoughts and feelings of the priest's parishioners.

Valley of Clonmore, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: Carlow north, Clonmore
Eddie pays tribute to his native valley, its scenery and long history

The Deereen.jpg
Location: Carlow east
The poem is about the nostalgia of the emigrant, thinking of the places and joys of their youth.

Piereen Byog.jpg
Location: Carlow north
An example of the art of sarcastic lampooning in song, to damage the electoral chances of an unpopular character

Old Pedar Carthy From Clonmore, Rathangan Choir.MP3
Location: Carlow North
A description of a local character and his doings!

Nelly Breen, Martin Byrne.MP3
Location: Carlow north
A nice love song set in a local place and with local characters

The Boys of Rathnagry, W. Byrne.jpg
Location: North-east Carlow
A nostalgic piece about rural life during 'The Emergency', with some cameos of life at the time.

McArdle's Dog.jpg
Location: North-east Carlow
A fun description of the theft of a dog and the consequent actions of some local characters.

Mark Gorman's Wedding, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location, North-east Carlow
A fun account of a local event when two local characters got married.
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