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An Londubh is an Ceirseach, Lisa Butler.MP3
Theme: Love.

AN LONDUBH IS AN CHÉIRSEACH (scroll down for translation)
Tá an londubh is an chéirseach, is an fhuiseoigín le chéile,
Is an smóilín binn bréagach ina ndiaidh i ngach aird,
An chuach i measc an méid sin ag seinm dánta…

Carlow Maid 1.jpg
Location: Carlow county
A light-hearted love song

Carlow Town 2, Makem.WAV
Tommy Makem wrote this in the late 1960's; he used travel to Carpenter's bar in Carlow to help raise funds for the victims of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.
Thanks to the Makem Centre for accessing the melody

Eileen a Run.jpg
Location: South , especiall mount Leinster area.
One of the loveliest old Irish love songs, and from Carlow!
Many versions of the song have been written over the centuries; this is one of the loveliest .

Fate of Cahir Ruadh, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location: Blackstairs
The poem narrates the story of a highwayman's attempt to kidnap a girl, her rescue by her true love and the subsequent death of the highwayman after a pursuit by the people.

Carlow Town, S. McCarthy, Damien Brett.MP3
Location: Carlow town
Sean McCarthy (Shanagolden) wrote this after a sojourn in Carlow. It tells the sad love story of a widow with young son whose father died in the fight for freedom.
The second text is Sean's own telling of the context for his…
Themes: Love, patriotism, hero. Ballad about Carlow town in which a woman's lover dies in the fight for Ireland's liberty. Written by S. McCarthy

Town, hero, love

Sung by Damien Brett

Grá faoi Bhláth - Áine Durkin - Lisa De Buitléar.mp3
Theme: Love across three generations. Written for the Pan Celtic competition by Aine Durkin and sung by Lisa Butler.

Grá Faoi Bhláth - Love Blossoms

Grá Faoi Bhláth

Nuair a chonaic mise thusa, scaipna scamaill romham …

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Love song, sung by Lisa Butler


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