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The Blooming Flower of Grange.MP3

Michael Donohue.MP3
Michael Donoghue

Michael Donoghue, I really do love you;
Although you’re in the Duffery to you I will be true.
And Michael Donoghue I’ll Tell you what I’ll do:
Just stop pretending you’re a guard and I will marry you.

Now I…

The Home I Left Behind, M. Rice.MP3
Mickey writes of an emigrant's sorrow at leaving his native place, his family and his loved one.

The Rose of Rahanna, Nancy Sheil.MP3
Nancy Sheil supplied this song, written by John O'Reilly from near Arklow, County Wicklow, about a lovestruck young man who had to leave his love to earn his fortune before returning to marry her.
The second version is sung by the author, John…

Slaney Valley.jpg
Although the river Slaney is more associated with Wexford, the river and its tributaries flow through east Carlow also.
This is from the collection of Seamus Murphy.

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The Seasons of Our Years 2, Mick O'Connor.MP3

Do you remember, darling, the springtime of our years,
The passion, the tensions, the laughter, and some fears?
We planted love together and tended it with care
And we faced into our seasons, uncertain what lay…

Notes for Mother.tif

The bright wind of Springtime brings you to my mind,

Filled with fine promise, all gentle and kind;

Fountain of hope and my bright, guiding star,

Still guiding my life choice from Heaven afar.

The soft breeze of Summer…
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