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Themes: Love, patriotism, hero. Ballad about Carlow town in which a woman's lover dies in the fight for Ireland's liberty. Written by S. McCarthy

Town, hero, love

Sung by Damien Brett
Love song, sung by Lisa Butler


Visit to the Singers Club 1, M. Byrne.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Mikey visited the Singers' Club in Carlow and wrote this afterwards

The Seed in the Soil.MP3

The seed in the soil creeps up to the light
Seeking new life in Springtime cold;
The slow beat of life shows green, shows white,
Growing new buds in flower and grove.

The flower, bud and leaf then burst into life,
Pulsing with sap…

Martyrdom of Kevin Barry, MCN, Paddy Lawless.MP3
Location: Carlow County
Another song in praise of Kevin Barry, written by MCN of Borris

Nano's Song, DB, Mary Butler.MP3
Dado’s**** Song ( Amhran Daideo)

Gasúin Óg* you melt my heart;
Torthaí glúine imithe, thart**;
Bring me joy and pride and hope;
Síol na nglúine le teacht fós***.

Cailín Óg, you light my life,
Beaming through the fog of…

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An Londubh is an Ceirseach, Lisa Butler.MP3
Theme: Love.

AN LONDUBH IS AN CHÉIRSEACH (scroll down for translation)
Tá an londubh is an chéirseach, is an fhuiseoigín le chéile,
Is an smóilín binn bréagach ina ndiaidh i ngach aird,
An chuach i measc an méid sin ag seinm dánta…
Author: D. Barron
Air: Táim i mo Shuí

Táim i mo Shuí: I am sitting. The pace and complexity of our modern world is often too much for us. The distress and strain of life fragments our sense of wellbeingng; our human nature is dismembered. We…

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