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Kevin Barry, P. Widger.jpg
Location: All Carlow, especially north-east
Another of the many pieces in memory of Kevin Barry.

Kevin Barry, Paddy Berry.MP3
Location: All county, especially north-east
Tony Malone collected this version of the song about Kevin Barry, sung by Wexford singer Paddy Berry

Kevin Barry, O Rennachain.jpg
Location: All county, especially north-east
This is probably the best known song about Kevin Barry. It captures the concept of faith and fatherland, as well as disgust at the treatment he received shortly before his execution.

Martyrdom of Kevin Barry, MCN, Paddy Lawless (2).MP3
Location: All county, especially north-east and Borris area.
MCN reflects admiration for a hero-martyr as well as anger at the treatment meted out to Kevin Barry just before his execution. Being from the south of the county, this shows the…

Kevin Barry 3, Countess Markievicz.jpg
Location: All county, North-east
Countess Markievicz added her voice to the anger and disgust for his treatment, as well as the admiration widely felt for his sacrifice.

Johnny Coughlan, Michael Dooley.WAV
Location: South, Barrow valley
While people in Newfoundland claim ownership of this song, it is more likely that it was brought to Newfoundland by emigrants from the south Carlow area.

Jim Nolan of Ballinrush 1.jpg
Location: South Carlow, especially the Mount Leinster area.
Eddie wrote this as a mark of respect for his good friend Jim Nolan, the well-known storyteller from Ballinrush, Myshall.

James Toole and Miley Carroll.jpg
Location: South Carlow, Myshall area
The men were slain during the Irish civil War in 1922, at Shean, near Myshall. It seems fitting to have both poems side by side.

In Thee My Lord, M.C. Nolan.jpg
Location: Borris area.
MCN was from the Borris area. The poem is a simple prayer of trust in God.

In Seskin Glen 1798, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location: North-east.
One of many pieces written by McCall about the events of 1798.
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