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Valley of Clonmore, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: Carlow north, Clonmore
Eddie pays tribute to his native valley, its scenery and long history

Tribute to Paaks Connolly, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: Carlow County and Clonmore area
Eddie pays tribute to a local football hero

Lament For Father Mullen 1790 - 1818, E. McDonald.jpg
Location: North-east, Clonmore
Eddie remembers the good acts of a holy man, still respected years after his death.

Jim Nolan of Ballinrush 1.jpg
Location: South Carlow, especially the Mount Leinster area.
Eddie wrote this as a mark of respect for his good friend Jim Nolan, the well-known storyteller from Ballinrush, Myshall.

In Memory of Fr. Vincent McDonald.jpg
Location: North-east, especially Clonmore
Eddie wrote this poem out of respect for a kindly pastor who cared for his people all his life.
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