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My Carlow Song, Ber Jennings.MP3
Oh, to write a song like any man, that’s what I wish to do,
And to sing about the place I love in words both fine and true,
And let the one who has never seen the beauty of my home
Imagine in his nightly dream the place where I come from.


My Dear Native Land Far Away, P. Curran.MP3
By the setting of the sun as my daily work was done and I wandered my way down the shore
As I went on alone I sat down upon a stone for to gaze on the work of the Lord.

I have travelled all around through city, state and town but no landscape can…

Glorious county Carlow.MP3
You’ve heard of the Garden of Ireland and the Rose of Mooncoin so fair,
The Killeshin hills are beautiful still and the wonderful Plains of Kildare.
But somewhere between there’s a treasure unseen, it’s a place that I think you should…

Ballinabranna, Milford and Rossmore, M. Rice.MP3
Mickey voices the nostalgia of the emigrant who dreams of returning home to the native place and to friends.

The Emigrants Story Ciaran Brennan.mp3
Paul and Ciaran co-wrote this song, which is sung here by Ciaran. Thanks to Ciaran for sharing the song with us.

My Ballinabranna Home, Seamus Dunne.MP3

You may sing about Killarney and the homes of Donegal
But one place is so dear to me, it’s the very best of all.
The place that I return to no matter where I roam,
It’s that little spot in Carlow, It’s my Ballinabranna Home.

When young…

The Home I Left Behind, M. Rice.MP3
Mickey writes of an emigrant's sorrow at leaving his native place, his family and his loved one.
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