Michael Donoghue

Dublin Core


Michael Donoghue


Fun song about a girl bringing a young man down to earth.
The Duffery is an area close to Clonmore in County Carlow.


Michael Donoghue

Michael Donoghue, I really do love you;
Although you’re in the Duffery to you I will be true.
And Michael Donoghue I’ll Tell you what I’ll do:
Just stop pretending you’re a guard and I will marry you.

Now I hear when you go dancing, a colleague has me told,
It’s to those nice young ladies some lies you do unfold,
You tell them you’re a copper from the Dublin DMP
But you might as well be telling them that you’re from the Duffery.

Now Mike you’ve grown a ronnie , ‘tis making you look quare:
If your fringe was one inch longer we could take you to Puck Fair
And set you up with oul King Puck so the ladies they could view
The policeman from the Duffery called Michael Donoghue.




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