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In Memory of Fr. Vincent McDonald.jpg
Location: North-east, especially Clonmore
Eddie wrote this poem out of respect for a kindly pastor who cared for his people all his life.

Hosey's Song, W. Bambrick.jpg
Location: West Carlow, Old Leighlin area
The poem remembers an incident involving a local 'character'

Hills of Sweet Rossmore 1.jpg
Location: West Carlow, especially Killeshin and Rossmore
A fond review of Rossmore and its hinterland.

Heores of 1944<br />
Author: David Brennan, Ballon
Location: County
1944 was the greatest year, to date, for Gaelic football in Carlow

Hanging of a Carlow Boy<br />
Author unknown<br />
Printed in the Nationalist and Leinster Times in 1888
An account of an incident in 1798, another version of 'The Croppy boy'

Fr. John Murphy, W. White.jpg
Location: east Carlow, especially Tullow area
A narrative about the motivation of Father John Murphy, hero of 1798, and his sad demise.

Follow Me Up To Carlow.mp3
Location: County, especially north-east
Really a Wicklow marching song, but generally attributed to Carlow, it is probably the tune most associated with the county.Anyway, Wicklow did not exist as a county at the time of Fiach Mac Hugh o'Byrne!!!

Fate of Cahir Ruadh, P.J. McCall.jpg
Location: Blackstairs
The poem narrates the story of a highwayman's attempt to kidnap a girl, her rescue by her true love and the subsequent death of the highwayman after a pursuit by the people.

Far Away in Old Bunclody.jpg
Location: South-east Carlow, especially Bunclody / Carrigduff area

Fair Woods of Drummond, E. O'Leary.jpg
Location: South Carlow
A celebration and a thanksgiving for the relaxing delights of Drummond woods and the Barrow.
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