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Farewell to the days of our youth, now long gone bye,

The red sap that pulsed through young limbs now sere and dry;

The hot pulse that throbbed in wild heart and fiery limbs,

Now chilled and faded in time as memory dims.…

Green Hills of Rossmore, S. Dunne.WAV
Location: Carlow west
Seamus remembers life as a collier and some sights of Rossmore, before having to emigrate when the works closed

There’s many a place in Ireland of fame and great renown
And there’s one of them so dear to me quite near…

Tribute to Con Greany 1, T. Malone.jpg
Location: Carlow town
Tony remembers the visit to the Carlow Singers' club of the great Con Greaney

Homes of Clonegal.jpg
Location: Carlow east
Willie adopts the persona of the emigrant wistfully remembering his home place
The melody was matched to the poem by Fiach.

Eire Og From Carlow town 1.jpg
Location: Carlow Town
A celebration of the great town team of the 1990s

Carlow Town, S. McCarthy, Damien Brett.MP3
Location: Carlow town
Sean McCarthy (Shanagolden) wrote this after a sojourn in Carlow. It tells the sad love story of a widow with young son whose father died in the fight for freedom.
The second text is Sean's own telling of the context for his…

Carlow Rugby Anthem.jpg
Location: Carlow county
Danny's tribute to one of the title=winning Co. Carlow rugby teams

Location: County Carlow


Óro, Ár gcultúr gleoite, (our beautiful culture)

Óro, our culture’s growing,

Óro, ár gcultúr beomhar, (our living culture)

Alive and beo in Carlow. (well)

They tried to take our…

You ask me why some people try to be better than the rest
When underneath the fancy clothes we’re all the same undressed;
Big house or farm or costly car, that’s what we call success:
True values lost, and at what cost, in the rat race of…

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