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Wind That Shakes the Barley 1.jpg
Location Carlow south
The poem explores the link between love and love of country

The Girl i left Behind me - Copy.jpg
Location: Carlow County
A love song about two lovers separated by the military term of the young man.


Nelly Breen, Martin Byrne.MP3
Location: Carlow north
A nice love song set in a local place and with local characters

Stroll Through Ballyogan Wood, L. Morrissey.jpg
Location: South Carlow
Memories of his courting days!

Shtoreen Bawn.jpg
From Old Carlow Society
This is one of the well-liked old love songs, set in the valley of the Slaney.

Roving Journeyman 1.jpg
Location: Carlow County
The story of a young 'buck' who has a rakish attitude towards the girls and their interest in him.

Road to Ballinree, J.F. McCarthy.jpg
Location: South Carlow
An old man enthuses about the love of his life, from courtship to old age.

Pretty Girl of Raheendoran, R. McCoome.jpg
Location: West Carlow
McCoome is generous in his praise of his loved one.

My Carlowman, J. McDermott.jpg
Location: County Carlow
Ms. McDermott rejoices in knowing her Carlowman.

Mountain of Beauty 1 MCN.jpg
Location: South Carlow
A reverie about an early love in a lovely setting
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